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"Egyptian cotton leggings, trimmed in silk with an embroidered Little Pharo logo, are the ultimate in cotton luxury. Available in sweet & tender pastel shades. Find these cozy leggings, along with plenty of other gorgeous basics @ littlepharo.com."

Tot Trends Magazine

January 2009, v4 issue 23




"Yes I am completely in love with the wonderful layette from Little Pharo.  I am in love with the long-sleeved bodysuit.  I really did not expect it to be as soft as it is . . . Little Pharo has amazing items for babies, like the bundler. I remember putting these on the girls when they were newborns. I loved them and they lived in them . . ."


Mommy Mandy

January 2, 2009 


"Want to treat your favorite baby to a luxurious garment? . . . Little Pharo uses the highest quality fibers available to ensure the ultimate baby experience. All Little Pharo bodysuits, sleepwear and accessories are made from 100% extra-long staple Egyptian cotton, famous for its unmatched softness and durability. This type of cotton is comprised of longer and more durable fibers than ordinary or long-staple varieties, which in turn results in the softest and finest fabric imaginable."

Working Moms Against Guilt

December 17, 2008

"If you are looking for pure luxury for your baby (or a gift), Little Pharo is a wonderful option . . . Little Pharo's vision is to use the highest quality fibers available in order to ensure the ultimate in luxury for your little one. Each Little Pharo garment is made from 100% Extra-Long Staple Egyptian Cotton, the most extraordinary and sumptuous fiber in the world . . . "

Dashin Fashion Global Kids Fashion Magazine

December 8, 2008


"Looking for holiday gift ideas?  These fab finds are at the top of our wish list! . . . Wrap your baby in these luxury layettes made from 100% Extra-Long Staple Egyptian Cotton. Bodysuits, tops and bottoms, sleepwear, and hats – all super soft, super durable."
  Mompreneur Magazine,
Holiday Shopping List, November/December 2008
" If you're a baby right now, you sure are a lucky one! Have you stopped to realize that lately? Wow - there sure a lot of fun things to choose from for babies these days . . .  here is a perfect example of something you need with a little extra pizazz. You need onesies, you need layettes, you need the baby clothing basics, right? Well, why not go one step further and make sure they are made of the softest and most durable fabric available? . . . Little Pharo found the perfect fabric and has designed a lovely collection of baby basics for you.  Oh to be a baby."
  I Know A Mom,  
October 27, 2008
Be sure to check out Little Pharo's feature in the January issue of South Jersey Mom magazine!    
  South Jersey Mom Magazine,
January 2009
Little Pharo is excited to announce its new listing as a featured baby boutique on the Posh Little website!   
Posh Little,
October 15, 2008


"Have all of you heard of Little Pharo, the luxurious line of precious newborn baby clothes {all made from 100% Egyptian cotton}?  . . .  It's not hard for me to love these simple, clean, lovely pieces. The line embodies everything I love about newborn babies without any of the usual accompanying characters {you know what I'm talking about}. None of the pieces have tags {thank Heaven for that} and all of them can transition from day to night seamlessly; if only we could transition between the two as easily."
    Petit Elefant,
October 8, 2008


Little Pharo is proud to be featured as a unique baby boutique for fashionable moms on Posh Baby Shops.
Posh Baby Shops,
October 8, 2008
"The vision behind Little Pharo's luxury layettes is to use the highest quality fibers to ensure the ultimate baby experience. Each garment is made from 100% Egyptian Cotton, and a portion of the proceeds go to benefit orphans in Africa . . . Details include silk trim stitching and tagless necklines for ultimate comfort."
  Classy Mommy,
October 7, 2008
Posh Mom gives Little Pharo its "Seal of Approval" as a  posh mom boutique. 
Posh Mom,
October 4, 2008
"Little Pharo has a unique collection of irresistibly soft 100% Extra-Long Staple Egyptian Cotton clothing, for babies up to 24 months.  Each Little Pharo garment is made from the most extraordinary and sumptuous fiber in the world, to ensure the ultimate experience for your little cherub."
Oh Baby! Magazine,
Cool Stuff & Innovations, Fall 2008
Little Pharo receives Mod Momma's  "Seal of Approval" and is listed as a top site for the mod mom and child.
Mod Momma,
October 3, 2008
"How absolutely clever to create a line of luxury baby clothes that, instead of an alligator or polo player across the breast, feature an ankh, the Egyptian hieroglyphic meaning life and symbolizing health, happiness, and magical protection . . .  That's what new label Little Pharo is serving up beautifully. The quality Egyptian cotton layette essentials have details like simple contrast piping accents and tagless necklines. There are bodysuits, leggings, and cute little caps, but I really like the footsie pajamas as we start to head into footsie pajama season.  Grab a few pieces and ship it off for a super thoughtful if somewhat high-end newborn gift.  Because it would seem that Little Pharo's ankh also provides magical protection against bad shower gifts that the mama can't wait to return."

Cool Mom Picks,
September 1, 2008
 " We always say we want the best for our babies and Little Pharo has materialized this hope. They provide the ultimate in luxury layette with 100% Extra-Long Staple Egyptian Cotton. It's known to be unmatched- the best in the world with extraordinary softness and durability. The designs are simple, as layette should be, with an ancient Egyptian logo symbolizing eternal life, said to bestow immortality to anyone who posses it, sewn onto each garment. Like we said- giving your little Pharo the most hopeful of starts. Better yet, a portion of the proceeds from each garment sold goes to benefit underprivileged and orphaned children in Africa."

Tangled & True, 
August 25, 2008 
Little Pharo receives The New Parents Guide "Seal of Approval".
The New Parents Guide,
August 24, 2008


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